Establishing trust for your brand by identifying key values, transparency and consistency.

Brand Strategy

Strategy.  Ghost Media provides marketing teams, management and owners with strategic digital marketing consulting for new or existing businesses and brands. Whether it is creating a ground up digital concept strategy, or providing training to an existing marketing team, Ghost Media is capable of advising to ensure the highest level of engagement and ROI.

Manager Training

Support.  If your existing marketing team or managers are in charge of your brand's digital identity, Ghost Media can support, organize and elevate their effectiveness through onsite training sessions. Ghost Media can generate quarterly content and strategy, or simply train one, two or an entire team to achieve growth across your social and digital media.

Website Development

Messaging.  Your website is the epic center to your identity. Ghost Media is capable of building ground up websites that are mobile friendly, delightful and true to your brand identity and overall concept. We are also capable of moving your existing website to a new platform that is more optimized and search engine friendly.

Company Graphics

Visual.  Your logo and marketing collateral speak a thousand words in just a few seconds. If you are looking to establish or refresh your existing branding, our graphic designers and illustrators can help. We are capable of designing logos, menus, marketing materials, graphics, banner advertisements and more. 

Legal Counsel

Ownership Ghost Media is capable of claiming your user handles, claiming pages, filing trade marks and providing guidance with social media etiquette. In the event your brand encounters infringements, trolling, bullying or other digital legal considerations, Ghost Media can provide consultation and support. 

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