Every influencer with a large social media audience is a magazine waiting to write about you.

Brand Ambassadors

Influencers  Social media has revolutionized traditional media. With individuals now amassing millions of followers, they have the ability to influence target audiences. Ghost Media has cultivated an exclusive network of social media influencers that would be more than happy to spread the word about your business and become your brand ambassador.

Social Monetization

Boost Ghost Media's software capabilities include the ability to monetize social media directly via a comment, tweet or text. Whether you are looking to sell tickets, pre-sale items, products or generate money for a charity, Ghost Media can monetize your social media audiences instantly with direct wire transfers of revenues in 24 hours.

Online Advertising

Pay Per Click Ghost Media's Google Adwords certified team specialists are capable of managing specific campaigns or creating new campaigns from the ground up. We also manage traditional media placement and advise on budgeting allowances. Ghost Media can support both indoor, outdoor, print and digital advertising.

Public Relations

Relevancy. Social media cultivates, whereas Public Relations announces. When put together, brands benefit from both short and long term client and revenue generation. Our Public Relations capabilities range across the country and we are capable of coordinating with existing marketing and PR teams.

Blogger Coverage

Research In addition to traditional PR, Ghost Media has a rolodex of bloggers that it can pitch your business or brand to. Through private invitations or traditional deck pitches, Ghost Media will target specific blogger communities to generate short form articles that facilitate customer research, awareness and ongoing SEO benefits.

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