Having people find you on the web is more important than them knowing your business address.

Search Engine Optimization

Visibility.  Getting found online may be your biggest revenue opportunity and your cheapest advertising expense. Ghost Media's technical and engineering team will ensure website and digital page optimizations to ensure the highest visibility across search engines that include Google, Yahoo!, Bing and more.

NAPS & Discovery 

Address Organization.  Google maps populates most navigation systems across the globe. If your properties, business or brand isn't organized, claimed and optimized on the multitude of mapping websites, you may lose infinite sales opportunities. Ghost Media's NAPS services and crawling strategies ensure the highest mapping placement.

Location Verification

Claiming Ensuring that your pages and locations are verified are one of the largest contributors to your SEO and mapping superiority over your competitors. Ghost Media will expedite page verification and optimize location claiming. In addition, our team will update descriptions and continuously monitor page data to maximize traffic.

User Handle Claiming

Digital real estate Much like a domain name, your page "handles" (eg. facebook.com/name) are a very important piece of real estate that appreciates your brand capital. Ghost Media will work with your brand to identify the most ideal and optimized user handles. In addition, our team will claim, streamline and organize your social media page handles.

Linking & Communities

Create tidal waves Identifying your target markets in your local area requires that you outreach and engage. In addition to responding to inbound queries, our agency will strike up conversations and focus on outbound community building. Gaining the support of food bloggers, influencers and celebrities develop grass roots and viral marketing.

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