89% of customers check your social media, reviews or website before making a decision. Here's how we help...

$6,000,000 in new revenue.

Ghost Media boasts a large list of hospitality clientele and has recorded over $6,000,000 in new revenue for hotel bookings over the past 12 months. Since hospitality and customer service are intrinsically linked, Ghost Media helps hotels connect the dots with customers on and offline. Connecting with real-life experiences,  digitally re-branding each location to highlight amenities and having a 24 hour customer service response time has proven to be key in generating new revenue for our hotel properties. 

115% Increase in Growth

Ghost Media represents a notable array of both independent and corporate restaurant groups. By curating and designing all of the content for our clients, we are able to bolster their SEO and provide them with a refined brand identity, creating a stronger first impression. Our quality content has been featured in Thrillist, Eater, CBS LA and several other media publications. On average, our restaurant clients see an overall growth in their audience base of 115%, as well as an 8% increase in gross revenue yearly.


3,000,000 impressions

In addition to our list of premium restaurant and hospitality clientele, Ghost Media works closely with some of the biggest and boldest brands in the lifestyle, product and fashion industries. By crafting aggressive and effective digital campaign strategies, we're able to reach over 3,000,000 people per quarter, resulting in a high rate of conversions and impressions.

55% of referral traffic

Audience engagement is key when it comes to attracting clients to your initiative. Ghost Media works closely with established brands to give them the extra boost they need to drive more traffic to their grand openings, product launches, event bookings and premieres. On average, Ghost Media has yielded results upwards of 55% in referral traffic to our clients' landing pages.