Instagram Unveils the Ability to Like Comments by Ghost Media

Last Tuesday, Facebook owned Instagram announced that it will now allow users to like each other's comments

In the past, liking comments was reserved for platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. And while it was possible to like a photo, comments were mostly left unfazed. However, this new rollout is just the beginning for the photo-sharing app that currently has over 300 million active daily users. 

CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, said on Tuesday in a blog post that the ability to like comments helps Instagram users "show support and encourages positivity throughout the community." And while we are excited about the idea of making comments more interactive, it does raise the question of how social media platforms are slowly blending into each other. 

In addition to the ability to like comments, Instagram is also giving users the ability to disable comments on their posts. While this used to be a feature that was only available to verified accounts, now anyone can make their IG posts well open to criticism and generally craft a more safe space. 

IG announced the rollout of new features, and assured users that all accounts would be updated throughout the week. 

How do you think the ability to like Instagram comments will change the way we use the app? Sound off in the comments below! 


Instagram Rolls Out New Features for Stories- Links, Boomerangs, and Mentions by Ghost Media

Instagram just rolled out a new update that may put Snapchat in even more jeopardy. The photo-sharing app, which currently has over 500 million unique users made waves when they rolled out "stories" to viral Snapchat.

Since Stories was rolled out, there hasn't been any concrete data as to whether or not Snapchat has taken a hit. What we can say is that from speaking with influencers and other industry movers and shakers: it is easier to keep your audiences consolidated than to spread them thin. Thus, many influencers are choosing to keep their instant sharing to Instagram where they've already amassed large followings.

Today Instagram rolled out three new features for Stories, which will once again put a damper on other instant content sharing platforms.

1. Boomerangs

What used to only be able to live in “stories” as old content posted, Boomerangs are quick moving shots that can now be captured directly in Instagram stories.

2. Mentions

Now when you want someone to see an Instagram story, or if they’re taking part in the creation of yours, you’re able to tag them within stories. If someone mentions you in their story, you’re able to click the push notification to take you directly to their story.

3. Links

Link out to 3rd party websites/ apps within Instagram. Through stories users are now able to make a wholistic experience including links out to blogs and other websites. Now influencers can craft stories that push different actions and behaviors on social media.

How do you think Instagram’s update will change the way users craft their stories? Sound off in the comments below!

Twitter Makes Moments For Everyone by Ghost Media

When the microblogging website, Twitter, first revealed their Moments feature, it was met with a lukewarm response. For many people, Twitter was the platform for conversations, not to read news cultivated by the Twitter staff. However, moments allowed Twitter to aggregate tweets, videos, and content from users and news sources to tell stories on current trending events. For example, when the 2016 Olympics were underway users could use moments to catch up on event highlights, reactions, and news reports all in one place. 

 Courtesy of Twitter

Courtesy of Twitter

Now Twitter has announced that they'll be rolling out Moments that are user-generated. Now if you want to craft a moment specifically about hiking, you'll be able to craft your own and aggregate content from other users that is specific about that topic. From there, using will be able to search your topic and continue the conversation. In essence, Twitter moments will allow users to create conversation threads around a particular trending topic of their choosing. This is following in the footsteps of platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, who allow users to craft their own "stories" that pertain to a particular event or topic. 

No word yet on when the feature will officially launch, and so far it seems too soon to tell if it will entice users to the feature. However, as a digital marketing agency that loves sparking conversations through social media, we're fascinated to see where moments takes us. How do you think Twitter's user moments will change the way we use the microblogging platform? Do you think it will entice more streamlined conversation and expose users to diversified content? 

It may be too soon to tell; all we know is if there is an 'agency' moment, we're going to be all over it.

Influencer Feature: Mel Denisse by Ghost Media

We love working with our social media influencers-- and we love how close we've become with some of our extended Ghost family, as we like to call them. Recently, Mel Denisse was attended our client, Rolling Greens, first Summer Gathering. Catered by Holy Cow BBQ, the Rolling Greens space looked stunning and was full with all the lovely ladies we love connecting our clients with. When one hears the term social media influencer, we're so apt to immediately convince ourselves that we're dealing with idealized human-beings. As if their real-life selfs could ever accurately capture their online persona through the carefully curated feeds they present to the world. However, in the case of Mel Denisse she is just as lovely as she is kind in person. A coffee fanatic who can speak Turkish and has a hidden talent as awesome as sword fighting, Mel is as real as they come. We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about what it is like being a social media influencer full-time and here is what she had to say!


Ghost Media: What originally got you into posting on social media? 

Mel: I’ve always been passionate about creating things in art. Pre social media, my walls were covered with photos, or scrapbooks with collages I would make. When social media became a thing, I’ve never stopped crafting and defining my art and having the desire to share it. 

Ghost Media: In your opinion, what is most interesting part of how influencers touch and shape culture? 

Mel: With influencers, and anyone really, we were created to create. In the fashion and entertainment industry, more brands have recognized the powerful voice of individual expression and my hopes and excitement are that influencers not only enjoy what they do and do it well, but recognize their inner world, the beauty of it, and the powerful gift they carry. The reason I started this was to activate people into their own worlds of beauty. To see that everyone carries something so significant and it’s vital that each person discovers what they were meant to share with the world. It’s one of the most exciting times here on earth, in my opinion. 

Ghost Media: What are your three favorite things to do on a lazy Sunday? 

Mel: Eat a big brunch. 2. Hike or find a fun spot in nature to write in. 3. Rest :)

Ghost Media: What are you most passionate about in your work? 

Mel: The challenge of seeing what will be created. Being fascinated with things I didn’t know I could do. Getting to encourage women in their identity and beauty. Inspiring anyone in their own creative adventures.

Ghost Media: What advice would you give a novice Instagrammer on how to build their following? 

Mel: Keep your focus on what you’re passionate about and work on developing that ‘brand’ and how it’s presented. That will attract the right people to you and give them an understanding of what you’re about and who you are. 

Ghost Media: Would you say that being a social media influencer in definitely about community?

Mel: Yes, and I hope so. My favorite part of it is getting to meet the people I’ve either worked with or have met online. I love getting to meet other influencers and hear their journey, their passion, and how I can support them. 

Ghost Media: What is next for you, Mel? 

Mel: Great great things, I believe! This year I’ve made it a priority to work towards doing what I love full time and I’ve made that jump this summer and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m working towards more travel, video documentation, releasing a record, and more. 

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! We love working with you, Mel! To many more laughs and memories. 

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