Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Company Blog / by Ghost Media

If your company’s SEO efforts are more lackluster than blockbuster, your company’s blog, or lack thereof, is likely to blame. A company blog (like the one you’re currently reading) isn’t just a platform for businesses to share internal information with the public—if executed well, a blog can mean increased organic visits to your website, more media attention and increased brand awareness. Your blog should provide insight into your brand’s mission and company culture, and can give you more credibility as an authority in your respective industry. Setting up a blog that reflects your brand is far from laborious, and we've come up with a list of company blogging dos and don’ts that will help you spread the right message about your business. 

Do use appropriate keywords in all of your posts.
Have a gourmet bakery in Beverly Hills? Make sure that most, if not all, of your blogs are pegged with keywords that are relevant to your brand. For a bakery, using terms like “California bakeries,” “Beverly Hills desserts” and “gourmet cakes” is a great way to start improving your SEO through original content.     

Don’t blog about personal issues.   
Your company may be an extension of who you are, but reserve opinions and commentary on controversial and divisive issues for your own personal platform. You don’t want your non-business-related views to alienate current and potential customers. 

Do share your blog posts wherever you can.
Always share your blog in your social networks, but there’s also no harm in posting your pieces in relevant LinkedIn groups, in Reddit forums and on industry-related websites.   

Don’t plagiarize other articles.
The internet can be a small place, so avoid copying others work at all cost. Properly cite sources when you are using information from other sites and give credit where credit is do. 

What other dos and don’ts should companies keep in mind when starting a blog?