5 Secrets of a Successful Social Media Contest / by Ghost Media

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Keeping social media accounts up-to-date and well maintained is a given for most companies today, but keeping an audience active and engaged with posts and content requires strategic planning and legwork. Both new and established companies have used contests and giveaways to garner excitement around their brands, so if you’re looking to launch a contest soon, here are a few details to keep in mind. 

Keep The Rules Simple

Brands have fractions of a second to catch the attention of social media users, so if you want to increase your contest entries, keep the rules as simple as possible. The more steps required to compete in your contest, the less likely that followers will enter, so make the submission process as easy as possible.  

Give It Time

It often takes at least one week to get the word out about contests and campaigns, so give yourself time to build momentum. Only major brands can get away with running a contest for a few days, but smaller companies should try to keep a campaign going for at least three weeks if they want the contest to be successful.

Have A Stellar Prize

This should be obvious, but if you want to make your contest a hit, the prizes should be something your followers would do anything to get. Having several prizes could also increase your entries as followers may feel more compelled to enter if there are multiples ways to win. If your prize isn't something you would want, your followers won't want it either. 

Promote Your Contest Everywhere

Even if you’re hosting your contest solely on Twitter, use your other networks to promote the campaign. This will work well if you are trying to draw followers from one of your more active platforms to another network, and cross promotion always makes for great content. 

Have Your Followers Spread the Word

If you’ve entered a contest online, you may have been asked to invite others to increase your chances of winning. Companies do this as a way to get their fans to promote their campaign while also increasing the fan's odds of winning. Encourage your followers to tweet or share your contest, and give them an incentive for doing so.  

Which companies do you think host the best social media contests?