Social Media Winners of the Week: Taco Bell, Oreo and Taylor Swift / by Ghost Media

 Photo Credit:  Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

As professionals in social media and digital marketing, the Ghost Media team is lucky enough to come in contact with the best thought leaders and innovators in the digital space. Because our business is built around all things social, we often take notice of how brands, influencers and the social networks themselves use the platforms to experiment, encourage audience engagement and incite growth. Since the industry changes by the minute, Ghost Media is on a constant mission to stay on top of the changes, campaigns and efforts that all digital marketers and social media pros could learn from. 

Below are three accounts that we’re keeping our eyes on this week. 

Taco Bell Fades to Black 

How do you get millions of followers and customers to take notice of your new initiative? If you’re Taco Bell, you pull the plug on all of your social media activity and networks. The fast-food chain blacked out their website and social media accounts to encourage users to download their new mobile payment and ordering app, going so far as to reset their Twitter account users back to zero and delete all Facebook posts. The #onlyintheapp move is a bold one, and stands to show how social (or a lack thereof) can encourage activity in other areas. The move has also caught the attention of mainstream news outlets, so clearly Taco Bell is on to something. 

Oreo Introduces the “Nomsters” 

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For Halloween, Oreo went the mad scientist route, releasing a stop-motion, Tim Burton-esque videos and launching an @OreoLab Instagram page that shows what happens when the beloved cookie is combined with candy in a laboratory. To get their followers in on the campaign (and to encourage shoppers to pick up Oreos as Halloween treats) Oreo called for users to suggest a name for the adorable Halloween cookie character, which Oreo then used in additional content. Oreo didn’t bombard users with information  leading up to the campaign, choosing instead to do most of the promotion and contests the week of Halloween. Good call, Oreo. 

Taylor Swift Parties Like it’s 1989

While she didn’t pull a Beyoncé and drop an unexpected album and videos out of thin air, Taylor Swift did take a cue from her fellow pop star and released her album 1989 47 minutes early, sending her fans into hysteria with just two tweets. 

In the grand scheme of surprises, releasing an album minutes before expected isn’t that big of a shock (unlike the surprise listening parties Taylor hosted at her various homes across the country for her social media diehards), but the her fans' reaction goes to show that even a small surprise can go a long way to boost audience engagement.  

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