R.L. Stine Turns to Twitter to Tell Creepy Story / by Ghost Media


Goosebumps creator R.L. Stine took his scare tactics to Twitter this week, regaling his followers with a hair-raising tale called “What's In My Sandwich?” just in time for Halloween. In a series of consecutive tweets, the king of creepy tales did what he does best by treating his audience to the short story about a simple lunch gone wrong. You can read the entire story below.   

Live-tweeting events, conversations and works has been a useful tool for creators and influencers alike, serving as a quick, effective tool for drawing attention and engagement in mere minutes. For his part, Stine couldn't resist plugging his latest movie on the Disney channel after the Twitter story time. If you're going to promote a creepy movie, the highly-shareable, inventive Twitter story was definitely the best way to go.