Top 5 Reasons Your Brand Should Be on Pinterest / by Ghost Media

At first glance, Pinterest appears to be nothing more than a pretty platform where users share and discover outfits, wedding ideas, recipes and decorating tips. While Pinterest has become essential for locating inspirational lifestyle content, the platform has also become a power player for companies and digital marketers, serving as a secret weapon for those looking to drive traffic to content and increase online sales for brands and retailers. 

If you’re still hesitant to start pinning on behalf of your brand, here are 5 reasons that may change your mind. 

70 Million Pinners and Counting  

Pinterest has a massive audience with the user base boasting more than 70 million engaged members. Though women overwhelming dominate the social media site, Pinterest’s head of engineering Michael Lopp noted that the number of male Pinterest users has doubled in the past year. 

Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Twitter

According to a report done by Shareaholic, Pinterest is only second to Facebook in driving referrals to websites, accounting for roughly 6% of all social media referrals in the spring of 2014. By comparison, Facebook accounts for 20% of website traffic referrals while Twitter comes in third with just 1%. 

Pinterest Users are Older 

Business owners often shy away from social media altogether because of a commonly held belief that teenagers dominate social media networks. While the overall audience on social media tends to be a younger demographic under the age of 25, a study done by the Pew Research Center found that 21% of online adults use Pinterest compared to 18% for Twitter and 17% for Instagram. This would explain why... 

Pinterest Users Spend More Money

Not only are Pinterest users more affluent than Twitter and Instagram users (27% of users make more than $75,000), the users are also more likely to be converted into shoppers and they tend to spend significantly more. Makeup retailer Sephora even noted that their Pinterest fans spend 15 times more than their Facebook followers

See Exactly What Your Customers Like

As a research tool, Pinterest can be surprisingly helpful for brands. By paying attention to what users in a particular region are pinning, researchers can see exactly what their consumers want and adjust to meet a specific taste of recurring trend. That type of real-time insight is beyond valuable. 

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