Social Updates: Snapcash, Twitter Search and Facebook Groups / by Ghost Media

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Social media platforms are constantly updating their products and offerings to meet an ever-growing, ever-changing user demand. While users are often receptive (or at the very least vocal) to updates, keeping up with the latest features can be taxing for even the savviest social ninja.

Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter have all made changes to their services this week, so here is a round up of social media news and updates that you may have missed. 

Snapchat Rolls Out Snapcash

Move over Paypal and Venmo: Snapchat wants in on payment transfers. The photo-sharing network partnered with Square to create “Snapcash,” a new function that lets users send money to friends in an instant. Square stores your Visa or Mastercard information, and users are able to send up to $2,500 to a friend with the same ease of sending photographs. In a message on their blog, Snapchat notes that Snapcash marks the first time the company has collaborated with another company on a product. Check out the video for Snapcash below: 

Search Every Tweet Ever Published 

A half-trillion tweets have been sent out since Twitter launched eight years ago, and now, thanks to a recent update, users have access to every public tweet ever tweeted. In the past, searching for a topic would only yield the most recent or popular results, but now users can sift through as many results as they desire because of the update. Want to know how many times anyone has tweeted about an earthquake in your hometown? Just type in the appropriate keywords and watch the results roll in.  

Introducing the Facebook Groups App

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Facebook is determined to occupy as much space on your phone as possible. The company has rolled out yet another freestanding app, this time focusing on Facebook Groups. The app wants to make it easier for users to communicate and share with the public and private groups they care about, while also helping users discover new groups based on interests and activity.  

Do you think any of these social media updates will take off?