Facebook (Finally) Revamps Search Feature / by Ghost Media


This week, Facebook announced plans to unveil its updated search function, which will allow users to quickly track down any post that has ever graced their feed. Just weeks after Twitter made it easier for users to sort through every Tweet ever published, users will now be able to locate old posts that have been shared with just a keyword search. 

Up until now, Facebook’s search function has left much to be desired. Aside from the ability to search for names and generic phrases like “My friends who live in Los Angeles,” Facebook's search has fallen short of performing a key function many have felt should have been a standard tool.  

For businesses and marketers, this means that using strategic keywords when posting is more important than ever before. Given Facebook’s new policy about business pages posting less promotional content in exchange for organic posts, businesses now have the chance to increase their visibility when users search for specific terms and information.   

Facebook’s updated search feature will be available on iPhones and desktops beginning this week.