Social Media Tactics New Businesses Should Swear By / by Ghost Media

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Whether you are launching your first business or working on your 15th, there are simple social media guidelines all brands should adhere to in order to reach an audience and raise awareness. With networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest driving significant referrals to websites, social media isn’t to be taken lightly and could yield a big return if executed properly. Keep these four simple tactics in mind when building your brand using social media. 

Use a consistent name across all networks. 

Make it a goal to have just one name or one variation of that name across your social networks. The username you select doesn’t have to be the same name as the business (though it should be as close as possible), but keep the name you select the same across all of your platforms so that users can locate you with ease. 

Choose the platforms best suited for your company.

Every business is unique with its own needs and goals, so when building your social media outline, weigh the pros and cons of each platform. Facebook is the most neutral of all networks and universally necessary, but not all businesses need all networks. A company may work wonderfully on LinkedIn if their service provides useful information, but there may be no need to utilize Pinterest or Instagram, which are built for appealing images rather than text. Settle on the networks that suit your needs and make them your primary focus. 

Update Regularly.

The only thing worse than not having a social media presence is not updating the profiles you have on a regular basis. Social media moves rapidly, so in order to keep your audience’s attention, you should get in the habit of posting and sharing content at least once a day. Need an easy solution? Set time aside each week to find and schedule content using one of the many social media tools. In just a few hours you can have enough content to last you all week! 

Be Respectful.

In social media, it’s better to give than to receive. Follow the influencers and brands that genuinely interest you and offer great insight into your industry, share others’ work and offer praise when appropriate. Remember to thank and reward your followers with exclusive content and incentives and you will likely have a more engaged and loyal audience. 

Do you have any social media tactics to add to the list? Share them below!