Sunset Marquis Shows Support for Charlie Hebdo With #JeSuisCharlie Buttons / by Ghost Media

The January 7th attack on the headquarters of satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo shocked and devastated the world, but in the wake of the tragedy came an outpouring of support for the magazine's writers, editors and illustrators that touched creative communities everywhere. 

West Hollywood's Sunset Marquis Hotel has long served as a hub for creative talents of every discipline, which is why the hotel decided to show solidarity for the French magazine—and for creative freedom as a whole—from more than 5,000 miles away. To show support for the magazine and those effected by the event, the Sunset Marquis worked with Ghost Media to design limited-edition buttons to be worn by the hotel’s entire staff.

“In our business, we are surrounded by creative people; actors, writers, painters, photographers, musicians. They have the freedom to express themselves in their own unique way and their contributions facilitate provocative and inspiring emotions, and we fully support them in their endeavors” the hotel said in an official statement. “To bully, harass, imprison, oppress or kill someone for openly sharing their views, whether we agree with them or not, is intolerable.”

The buttons, which feature sheet music folded into the shape of a rose and #JeSuisCharlie (which translates to “I Am Charlie”) serve as a small reminder that all creative expression should be respected and celebrated.