Twitter Bowl: Brands That Ruled Twitter During Super Bowl XLIX / by Ghost Media

If you paid close enough attention, you may have noticed that there were several big matches during the Super Bowl: The match between the competing football teams (congratulations Patriots!), the battle amongst brands for the best advertisement, and more recently, the war for social media supremacy from companies that were either advertising during the big game or hoping to get attention amongst the more than 28.4 million tweets and 65 million unique Facebook users posting content during the game.

While companies that advertise during the Super Bowl also tend to fair well on social media, some companies are great at riding the Super Bowl wave through strategic postings and without spending a dime on broadcast advertising. Here are three brands that ruled Super Bowl XLIX using social media.


Leave it to the Golden Arches to take social media by storm during the Super Bowl, as McDonald’s lead the way with 634,310 mentions during the game according to Twitter. McDonald’s used multiple advertising spots to promote their campaign where random customers were asked to pay for their meal with #lovin gestures instead of cash, and Twitter clearly supported the message.   

Always with #likeagirl

Beneath a sea of hyper masculine advertisements, Always took a different approach. The company revisited their #likeagirl campaign, this time with little girls rebelling against the often demeaning ideals and stereotypes associated with completing tasks “like a girl.” Once the ad aired, #likeagirl began trending almost immediately. 

JetBlue Airways


Unlike the other two brands, JetBlue didn't have to drop the reported $4 million to advertise during the Super Bowl to get attention on social media. JetBlue may not have advertised during the game, but their "Fly #likeagirl" tweet highlighting two female pilots is the perfect example of a brand leveraging a popular hashtag for their own benefit. The photo received nearly three thousand retweets, nearly four thousand "favorites" and didn't require them to break the bank. 

What other brands do you think rocked social media during the Super Bowl?