Facebook Phone Calls? / by Ghost Media

Do you feel like Facebook has already taken over most of your life? From testing content with your profile information, adding messenger externally and introducing friend to friend payment exchange, Facebook has introduced many new features over the last few years that have reeled users in (maybe by force). Regardless, it's safe to say that they are still considered the #1 social media platform for individuals and business owners.

Today, rumors hit the web that Facebook may begin testing a phone call app. Yes, phone calls. An external app, much like "messenger" will be available on your mobile device. What's the selling point? Any phone call that appears will aggregate information based on that person's profile information. Perhaps the best feature is the ability to label specific numbers as spam, however there is still much unknown and unsaid about when or how this app will hit the market.

As Facebook said, "[they're] always testing things" so we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, enjoy good ol' fashioned phone calls.