Facebook Messenger: Business to Consumer / by Ghost Media

They've done it again! Facebook announced today that they are looking to introduce a new feature for their Messenger app that will allow businesses to communicate directly with their customers. Although it is not finalized, partners like Everlane and Zulily have already come on board to help Facebook start testing this new concept. Features would include supporting purchase questions, exchanging images, customer support provided by Zendesk and even allowing businesses to send push notifications to their customer contact base.

Why is this important? Clients ask us all the time to measure ROI; "How does Social Media bring me business?". Well, there are many answers to this question, but a tool like this from Facebook is a great example of how Social Media is connecting the dots between the digital and physical world of commerce. Here at Ghost Media we believe that a large component of what we do is customer service online. Facebook seems to agree. Businesses will be able to capture sales, track customer information and provide them with real time support. Together these all lead to ROI, sales and priceless customer data. Customers are no longer calling and ordering online, but rather they have evolved into tech savvy, quick solution purchasers. Why call a dial tone when I can just chat the businesses on Facebook? Makes sense to us!