Tina Fey on David Letterman- #LastDressEver / by Ghost Media

Well, looks like Kim Kardashian isn't the last person to "break the internet". Tina Fey is right behind...literally. As an homage to her 20 interviews with David Letterman,  Tina thought would would be more kind than to give him the dress off her back? It was her #LastDressEver. This viral hashtag is now sweeping through every social media channel and of course has left an imprint of her Spanx bod on all of our minds.

The interesting thing here is that not only has she taken introducing viral hashtags to a whole new level, but she started a bit of a feminist movement as well! Although some may have thought it was a bit of an extreme move for a little hashtag joke,  a lot of women actually loved her bold choice to shed it all off in front of the camera. She stripped away her dress to reveal the reality behind all the glitz and glam we're used to seeing and for that we all cheer. No shame, no gain.  Nicely done, Tina!