RIP "LOL" - The Death of Laughing Out Loud / by Ghost Media


Could this be true? The infamous "laughing out loud" phrase has finally met its end? According to a recent Facebook study, this just might be true. Only 1.9% of users are actually using "lol" in their responses. 

Looking back, "lol" was a catalyst in starting many of our now so common abbreviated phrases in texting language.  Words like "brb", "omg", "ttyl" are all still used, loved and adored by many. So why did "lol" die out? Perhaps because after a while, we all realized we weren't really laughing out loud. As this new generation of texters and social media users become more and more sophisticated, many of these phrases may cease to exist.

While we will miss "lol" dearly, "haha" and "hehe" have taken its place. Frankly, that does make more sense. Unless we create "LIS"? Laughing in silence.