Instagram Rolls Out New Features for Stories- Links, Boomerangs, and Mentions / by Ghost Media

Instagram just rolled out a new update that may put Snapchat in even more jeopardy. The photo-sharing app, which currently has over 500 million unique users made waves when they rolled out "stories" to viral Snapchat.

Since Stories was rolled out, there hasn't been any concrete data as to whether or not Snapchat has taken a hit. What we can say is that from speaking with influencers and other industry movers and shakers: it is easier to keep your audiences consolidated than to spread them thin. Thus, many influencers are choosing to keep their instant sharing to Instagram where they've already amassed large followings.

Today Instagram rolled out three new features for Stories, which will once again put a damper on other instant content sharing platforms.

1. Boomerangs

What used to only be able to live in “stories” as old content posted, Boomerangs are quick moving shots that can now be captured directly in Instagram stories.

2. Mentions

Now when you want someone to see an Instagram story, or if they’re taking part in the creation of yours, you’re able to tag them within stories. If someone mentions you in their story, you’re able to click the push notification to take you directly to their story.

3. Links

Link out to 3rd party websites/ apps within Instagram. Through stories users are now able to make a wholistic experience including links out to blogs and other websites. Now influencers can craft stories that push different actions and behaviors on social media.

How do you think Instagram’s update will change the way users craft their stories? Sound off in the comments below!