The Ghost List: Social Media Update / by Ghost Media


Revamp of the ‘like’ button:
Facebook recently launched the Reaction button were users can comment on posts using a suit of animated emotions.

Introducing Canvas for businesses:
This week Facebook also launched a new ad platform for businesses where they can make their ads more engaging and interactive within the Facebook news feed.

Ads on Messenger:
Facebook Messenger, one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, has changes coming next year. Originally being 100% ad free, the app has now released that it will host inserts for advertisers.


In-App Shopping:
Starting in April, Snapchat will start offering app-install ads for businesses. Following this launch, they plan to allow advertisers to link out to their own sites.

Snapchat is now offering On-Demand Geofilters allowing users to create their very own filters making your online presence that much more unique.

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