#MambaDay and Being Prepared / by Ghost Media

We hate to see you leave but we love to watch you go...


If you haven't been on social media today (and why not, you slacker!) then you may not know that today marks Kobe Bryant's last day playing for the LA Lakers. As sad as we are to see the Basketball icon leave the game, especially for the LA Lakers, we can't get the words of wisdom this coach shared on Bryant out of our heads: 

"He's an assassin. His preparation to win is as good as anybody's - EVER." 

With words of praise like these, it is hard to see why Bryant wouldn't be heralded as one of the best Basketball players of his time. When you're prepared to win, your chances of succeeding are infinitely increased. When it comes to digital marketing and a content strategy, we can't help but see the comparisons. When we're hard at work crafting a digital marketing strategy for a client, we know that preparation is key. A client doesn't need an agency that isn't prepared, they need one that not only has a plan A, but a plan B and C and D!

Preparation is the key component in both basketball and digital marketing. One can't be executed without the other. Whether a client needs you to respond to a harsh customer service email, a posting disaster, or help push a new initiative, being ready will make everything run smoothly. It isn't enough to just be great at marketing (which, well, we are) but an agency needs to have foresight. Much like Bryant, an marketing agency needs to be able to anticipate the moves of the competition and find fresh and innovative ways of bringing a brand awareness. It is for this exact reason that Ghost Media takes preparation so seriously. When working with our clients, we want them to know that we're as prepared as they need us to be. That way, if disaster strikes, we're there to fix the issue before it gets out of hand. 

We may not know a ton about Basketball, but we do know that Kobe taught us killer instinct and preparation make for a deadly combination when it comes to winning. We're kind of like the Kobe Bryant of digital marketing, if you will. 

So, Kobe, best of luck wherever life takes you next. 

The Ghosts and LA love you.