What the Ghosts are Reading for 4/15/2016 / by Ghost Media

Here at Ghost Media we know that staying on the cutting edge of social media marketing and digital marketing practices is key. That is why we are constantly reading! Whether it is a blog post about all the new ways Snapchat is changing the game when it comes to how brands can interact with their audience or an open letter about the best ways to build great office culture, we’re taking it all in. Here is what we’re reading this week!

1. The internet sure knows how to pick and choose when to be offendedThis week KFC made a huge, um, blunder when it came to a campaign in Australia that shocked some consumers. The chicken chain was attempting to promote their new spicy chicken and thought it was a fun idea to tweet this suggestive photo: 

 Someone is getting fired! 

Someone is getting fired! 

Since being posted, the tweet has been deleted, but this is the internet and it will live on in infamy. Social Media is a tough job, but it is even more tough when you harpoon your career with a single tweet because everyone on the internet loves to be upset. 

2. Here at Ghost Media, we're all about creating content that tells the story of a brand. Which is why we're vibing with this interview with the “Godfather of Content Marketing,” Joe Pulizzi where he discusses the future of content marketing. Pulizzi keeps it real with statements such as: 

Content Marketing is at the same time, the easiest and hardest thing to understand.

3. Uh oh, are link shorteners compromising the safety of your links? Lulu Chang from DigitalTrends makes a compelling argument that websites such as Bit.ly and others expose your company's files to hackers and malware. Yikes. 

4. Peter Economy (can we get a fact-check on this guy's last name?) taught us this week 9 tips for how to win any negotiation. Our lives inside and outside the office are actually just one big negotiation, so why not win every time? Tips like stay flexible and ignore ultimatums are great places to start. 

5. Considering buying followers for your brand's account? SocialMediaTodd thinks you should rethink that. He makes a compelling argument for why buying followers is everything wrong with social media these days. 

6. Interesting, interesting, interesting. Rival IQ just released their study that reveals that the only Y0Y growth in 2015 on Facebook was the share. Meaning that your clients need to be posting content that their audience wants to share, and less interactive content. It may mark a shift in the way we market online, only time will tell. 

What are you reading this week in digital marketing news? Let us know!