5 Digital Marketing Stats to Shock You / by Ghost Media

Whether you're a small business or a booming empire, the question of "do we need a digital marketing team?" is bound to come up eventually. In 2015, there were a reported 3.17 billion unique and individual users of the world-wide web. For companies, this represents a 3.17 billion potential customers that could be missed if a digital marketing strategy is not being used to capture their attention. For any good business person, this is a loss in brand-awareness that can't go unnoticed. Below are five shocking, but true stats to shed light on the digital marketing world. You may think your brand is doing fine through word-of-mouth referrals and loyal customers, but you're missing out on an untapped resource where marketing can happen organically, with a little help from the Ghosts, of course. ;) 

1. Brands spend roughly 25% of their marketing budget on digital marketing. And this number is reported to increase to up to 75% of their budget within the next few years. With the internet being such a focused place to target your ad-spending, why wouldn't you invest your money in a company that specializes in viral, online marketing? 

2. 46% of online users claim they rely on social media findings to influence their purchase decisions. When you're not employing a digital marketing strategy for your company, it can be increasingly difficult to be "on the pulse" of your audience and consumer base. Using digital marketing gives you a clearer sense of the direction your consumers want your business to go in, and provides a sounding board for what is and isn't working. Furthermore, when your audience uses social media to inform their purchasing decisions, why wouldn't you want to make a great online impression? 

3. 38% of companies will either hire a digital marketing expert or digital marketing agency within the next year. That means 62% of companies who don't have one are at a disadvantage. 

4. The number of customer service interactions is expected to surpass 53% within the next year, meaning that people will want instant, online feedback on their consumer experience. When you have a digital marketing team by your side, they handle community management and customer feedback. Making the transition to online customer service seamless and effective. 

5. 51% of people surveyed about digital marketing said that is has shifted the way they work. A further 35% said it has cut down on the amount of time they've had to work for their brand, meaning you have more time to focus on the important things: the actual business you're running. When you have a digital marketing team helming your fire tweets, and handling all potential digital PR nightmares, you begin to relax and hon in on the things that made you want to start a business in the first place. 



Digital marketing is a formidable force in business. With the average human spending roughly 10 hours per week online, this leaves 10 hours open to touch your audience and let them know you care. Additionally, 60% of all digital marketing budgets are being focused towards direct response goals, meaning that the results of digital marketing are tangible and immediate. With a digital marketing team in place, you're able to show them you care while never losing focus on the business you're growing.