Beyoncé Turns Lemons into Digital Marketing Lemonade / by Ghost Media

If you’ve been in a soundproof box for the past 72 hours and haven’t heard, Beyonce just dropped her 6th studio album and the internet is in a frenzy. LEMONADE premiered within an hour-long visual film on HBO on Saturday, with little more than a 20-second teaser clip being dropped a week prior to it’s arrival. We could say a lot of things about LEMONADE, but what we’re really loving about it is the fact that is the perfect example of an artist taking control of their brand and making it work for them. You don’t just release a film like this without carefully crafting a digital marketing strategy that will make the world pay attention, and Queen Bey has done it again. 

The true essence of any great digital-marketing campaign is to take a story and find the most compelling and inventive way of telling it. Anyone in the music industry can drop a solid pop album, but it takes a true force-of-nature like Beyonce to blend mediums in the way she has here. Her visuals throughout were striking, her voice powerful, the poetry that was placed between each song haunting; and most stunningly of all, we watched a woman take her marital strife and funnel it through her eyes. While tabloids have been trying to turn this woman’s marriage into tabloid fodder for years, in LEMONADE Beyonce takes aim and “twirls on her haters” with a fearlessness we can’t help but admire. 

By crafting content that is both compelling and has a message, Beyonce showed us all how to stay relevant in today’s crowded digital market-place: expand your reach wide and work on quality, not quantity. It may have taken Beyonce a while to get back out there after her bombastic 2013 release, but it is clear she’s taken the time to carefully think through everything she is putting out there. Like every brand, Beyonce has been listening to her critics on social media, and is channeling that feedback into something the public can further respond to. 

The reason LEMONADE is so important to those of us working in digital marketing is because it represents how the internet has shifted the way we approach storytelling. When it comes to your brand, it is important to see how it is execute from idea, to execution, to how the public reacts to it. Beyonce isn't just making music and digital agencies don't just simply make tweets; both serve to start a conversation with the public. 

With LEMONADE, Beyonce showed us all how much more powerful words can be when paired with illuminating content. When you have a clear digital marketing strategy, a vision like Lemonade is able to come into the world like a lightning rod and take the public’s breath away. And when you have a digital marketing agency on your side ensuring your story is told properly, it makes you the Beyonce of your own life.