What the Ghosts are Reading for 4/8/2016 / by Ghost Media

Here at Ghost Media we know that staying on the cutting edge of social media marketing and digital marketing practices is key. That is why we are constantly reading! Whether it is a blog post about all the new ways Snapchat is changing the game when it comes to how brands can interact with their audience or an open letter about the best ways to build great office culture, we’re taking it all in. Here is what we’re reading this week!

1. Like an old racehorse doing one final lap around the track before being shipped away, American Idol said goodbye last night. We must admit; we were surprised the show was still running, but thankfully producers brought back National Treasure William Hung for the finale. If you don't remember Hung from his 2003 audition, shame on you

 Same, man. 

Same, man. 

2. As much as we want to be thrifty with our money, sometimes it feels impossible to save anything. Whether you're buying a coffee before your 3rd meeting of the day, or having to grab a quick lunch in between conference calls, it adds up! Thankfully, we have TheThriftyDiva here to teach us how to budget your money (even when you have none). With tips such as "making your own DIY beauty products" you'll start seeing your bank account level in no time. 

3. Reddit finally released an official app for their extremely popular site through iOS and Android. Now we can geek out about everything, everywhere

4. 2016 will be the year of Video Marketing and Eric Hinson perfectly captures why in his recent blog post. Not only will video marketing help improve your change of being on the front page of a google search by 53%, it also makes your audience 10x more likely to engage with your content! 

5. What to become and stay the cool kid on the block? Well, then look no further than The Nala's nifty blog about how to prevent your small business from getting a bad rep. With tips like "Keep advertising clean and inoffensive. Not everyone shares your beliefs, and political, religious, moral, etc., opinions should be kept out of your advertising," it is hard to go wrong. 

6. Is your brand considering working with influencers? Well, you may be asking yourself "how do I get in touch with these Instagram celebrities? What will they ask of me?! How should I leverage coverage for product?!" It can be overwhelming. Brian Sutter kills it with his blog post explaining how to work with influencers, and what influencer partnerships can do for your brand. 

What are you reading this week in digital marketing news? Let us know!