Instagram Revamps its Interface, Unsurprisingly People are Pissed / by Ghost Media

If you picked up your phone this morning, you may have noticed the panic running through your social media feeds. Yes, Instagram has unveiled a new logo and user interface, and people are pretty livid. The photo-sharing app (which launched in October, 2011) wanted to reflect how much their app has diversified over the years, and subsequently brought on the wrath of the entire internet

 Bleak or chic? 

Bleak or chic? 

As demonstrated above, the app decided to move away from its vintage camera logo and replace it with a more colorful, and minimalist design. In addition to this, Instagram has reviewed a totally black and white user-interface, with minimalistic icons on the bottom of your feed. In an interview with It's That Nice, Instagram's head of design, Ian Spalter, explains the change: 

“Instagram has evolved in it’s five-and-a-half year existence from this place where you filter and edit your photos and share them, to this vibrant community of people sharing all sorts of content every day,” Ian explains. “We realised we hadn’t really evolved the core brand assets, the icon and UI, at all. So we started to look at how we could do better.”

Over at the Ghost office, we must admit we're pretty split on the subject. Some of us find the black and white user interface to be "refreshing" and allows for vibrant colors to pop out at users. While others find all the changes Instagram has been putting us through tedious. 

And our opinions are mild. AdWeek is calling it one of the "biggest design fails of the year," (yikes!) while blog Brand New calls the revamp a "modern day classic." 

Whichever way you view the update, the idea behind stripping away the app's visual bells and whistles to allow user content to stand out is pretty brilliant. Instagram clearly has users in mind when thinking through the redesign, allowing content to pop on a minimalist screen. However, on an application where design and visual cues are everything, is it enough? 

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