Celebrate Yamashiro / by Ghost Media

We've always been very protective of our clients, which is why we've held off on talking about Yamashiro and their on-going legal battle. Yesterday, EaterLA writer Farley Elliot, speculated that June 12th will be the swan-song for the historic restaurant that has continuously been operating in Hollywood for over 100 years

Since the article went live, we've received a large amount of love and support for Yamashiro through their social media channels, and we're touched. Yamashiro has been a precious client of ours for the past four years, and we're proud of the work we've done there and how hands-on we have been as a digital agency with the property. 

The Ghosts would like to thank the Hollywood community for their continued support of Yamashiro during this time of change, and keep an eye on this space for our official statement. 

Have a memory of Yamashiro you'd like us to see? Use the hashtag #CelebrateYamashiro