Is Building Hype A Good Digital Marketing Strategy? / by Ghost Media

In case you missed it, Jon Snow is alive again and everyone on Reddit is thrilled! Kit Harington has had to live a secret life for almost a year, since his character on the hit HBO show was stabbed to death by the end of season 5. However, the internet has never been convinced. For the moment the episode aired and showed our hero bleeding out in the snow, people have been theorizing that he would come back to life. Although it was never confirmed by HBO or the cast, people knew. So with all the speculation and think-pieces that Jon Snow would be back, why are people still freaking out that it came true? Because building hype can be one of the most effective digital marketing strategies--but only sometimes. 

And while Game of Thrones has been slowly building itself up to this moment for six seasons, you may be asking yourself: if building hype worked for HBO can it work for my business

Our answer: yes and no. 

By using hype as your marketing strategy you're entrusting your audience is familiar enough with your brand to tell people about it without much prompting. Since hype is a strategy that relies solely on word of mouth and obscured details to be successful. Without having a built-in audience this form of marketing would be a flop. How can you expect people to talk about you if they don't know what you are. 

So, if you're a new concept or business, we avoid taking the Jon Snow route of marketing. Without consistent and vibrant content drawing new consumers to your business, your attempt to build brand hype will falter and fail. We can't all be like HBO when it comes to digital marketing, and sometimes building hype is a plan destined for disaster. However, on the rare occasion where it is applicable, like if your business is high-profile and active on social media, it can be the ultimate tool to build mystery and organic conversation. People love a good mystery, but only if you allow them to feel like an insider.