What the Ghosts are Reading for 5/13/2016 / by Ghost Media

What a wild ride of a week it has been! From Friday the 13th (consistently our favorite day) to taste-testing our client's awesome new dishes, the Ghosts have been keeping busy. However, we're never too busy to have our pulse on what the latest trends in digital marketing news are. We're constantly reading so that we can keep you in-the-know. Here are 5 pieces of content we read this week and wanted to share with all of you: 

1. Love the idea of SEO optimization but have no idea where to start for your new business? Fear not, because Jeff Charles lists out for you the 3 SEO Tips for the solo business-person One of his best pieces of advice? "If you have a blog (and you should) you need to make sure that each piece of content that you post brings a benefit to your readers." 

2. Looking to break into the world of e-commerce? As easy as it may seem to sell your stuff online, the reality is quite different! Thankfully David Yarian teaches us how it is done with 7 Tips on How to Optimize Your E-Commerce Listings. In this comprehensive list, Yarian gives future Etsy shop owners solid advice such as: write a detailed product description. With this list, you'll be raking in the e-commerce profits in no time. 

3. Have you been feeling stuck and stagnant at your job? Chances are, you may be getting in your own way. In her recent piece on Inc. author Lolly Daskal highlights the 12 toxic thoughts you may be having that are keeping you from success. Her most interesting tip? That by constantly thinking you're in control you're holding yourself back. Control is an illusion, and the sooner we realize this the more open we are to team-solutions. 

4. In an interesting turn this week, The Guardian leaked documents that suggested that Facebook Editors were responsible for curating the "trending topics" section, instead of, you know, showing things that we're actually trending. The documents leaked have caused a conversation around what authenticity is online, and whether or not we can trust that the information we're receiving is genuine or curated. Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg released an official statement on the matter:

"We have rigorous guidelines that do not permit the prioritization of one viewpoint over another or the suppression of political perspectives." But consider us not convinced. 

What do you think about Facebook editors curating their trending topics

5. Here at Ghost Media we're experts at working with social media influencers. Over the years we have carefully cultivated a rolodex of influencers we're proud of, and we're proud to work with. However, for some companies the idea of "social media influencers" is a foreign concept. Thankfully Digiday has written up a way to wade in the waters of social media influencers. The article boasts a new crowd-sourcing website that allows for companies to see how much influencers charge, while meditating on the whole form of marketing. “Influencer marketing is new and people are upset because they don’t know how much to charge and how to track it.”