Instagram for Businesses / by Ghost Media

As we already know, Instagram has been keen on showing users that they've been listening to their gripes. After a lukewarm reception for their new logo, Instagram is making headlines again today by announcing their rollout of Instagram for Businesses. 

One of the most difficult aspects of social media is measuring the ROI (return of investment). When a company boosts a post, Instagram’s lack of analytics has always been an issue. However, according to Instagram, all that is about to change. With Instagram for Businesses, companies will be able to see their boosted ads and track how they’re turning clicks into revenue. In a recently published blog post, Instagram elaborates on their decision to roll out Instagram pages for businesses:

With these new business tools on Instagram, the furniture store in San Francisco can receive emails from customers saving valuable time responding. The retailer in Austin can better understand its audience, tailor its content and refine its marketing strategy—even beyond digital. And the do-it-yourself craft shop in New York City can quickly fill a seat, move a product or get people into its store with ads on mobile.

The purportedly free option from Instagram will allow businesses to interact with their customers in ways that were previously impossible on the popular photo-sharing app. Moving forward, businesses will be able to receive emails, comments, and phone calls directly from their Instagram pages. Potential customers will also be able to get directions to the business from Instagram, and even be clued in on the businesses’ hours of operation. Furthermore, the businesses will have access to analytics and insight to see how to better their interactions with customers. 

With the photo app getting an update for businesses, we can't help but think about how far social media has come. Instagram came from humble beginnings: a photo sharing app that was used to show family and friends your pets and children. Since launching, it has become a legitimate source of business and commerce for influencers and businesses alike. We're happy to see Instagram finally recognize this and provide the tools to help its users grow alongside the app. 

How do you think Instagram for businesses will change the game? Sound off in the comments below.