Don't Look Back: A Photo Exhibit by D. A. Pennebaker / by Ghost Media

Last night the Ghost team covered a live event at our client Sunset Marquis located in scenic West Hollywood. The event revolved around a photo series from D.A Pennebaker, the filmmaker who made a name for himself for his 1967 American Documentary around Bob Dylan's 1965 concert series in England. The film title? Don't Look Back. 

The event took place in the stunning gallery that lives within the walls of Sunset Marquis, called The Morrison Hotel. Last night D.A Pennebaker himself was at the event to answer questions about his work, and about Bob Dylan as a performer. The space looked stunning, and the crowd enjoyed themselves as they sipped on craft cocktails and scoped out the prints that were available for sale. 

The best part of being a Ghost is seeing how social media initiatives can bring people together; in real life, to help celebrate a legend. 

Check out our photos from the event!