Link Round Up 6/3/2016 / by Ghost Media

Is it Friday again, already?! Even though the week may have felt significantly shorter due to the holiday weekend, the Ghosts have been keeping busy. But, we're never too busy to have our pulse on what the latest trends in digital marketing news are. We're constantly reading so that we can keep you in-the-know. Here are 5 pieces of content we read this week and wanted to share with all of you: 

1. LinkedIn Rolls Out New Analytics System

Friyay indeed. LinkedIn, the biggest networking website on the market has finally rolled out analytics. The rollout will allow business owners to mark their competitors trends in order to make more informed business decisions. The new analytics system will require a premium sign-up to get started, but judging from their insight trends, it may be worth the price tag. LinkedIn will now allow businesses to track total employee growth trends for their competitors and even track how many job openings are available for a given company. Sign us up!

2. Savvy Things Business Marketers Don’t Do On Facebook

If you’re still grappling with how to successfully harness Facebook and its plethora of marketing tools, fear not! Pam Moore has given us a list of 15 things to not do on Facebook if you’re a business marketer. Her advice is solid, and spans from obvious things such as don’t post things just to get attention to the more nuanced tips such as boosting posts that appear like spam to most users. If you’re looking for some decent advice on how to not use Facebook, Moore has you covered. 

3. Unrealistic Career Goals

We’re big fans of keeping things in perspective at Ghost Media, which is why we’re sharing this article written by Carlos Gil. Gil shares with his readers 3 Unrealistic Career Goals and how they can actually be keeping you from doing your best work on the job. If you’re looking to get a promotion every two years, Gil suggests that you should abandon this fool’s errand. “So, before you sign on for a role you’re not excited about just because it’s a pay boost, ask yourself what difference that extra income will make (compared to dreading work each day).” 

4. Digital Marketing Synergy

Most companies struggle with understanding the correlation between digital marketing and content. The mistake lies in the assumption that the two are totally separate, and thankfully writer Brett Relander is here to teach us the error in our ways. In this article, Relander highlights the importance of the synergy between digital marketing efforts and content creation. He shares his highly intelligent tips for crafting effective digital marketing such as “trying out different types of content to see what your audience reacts to the most favorably.” 

5. Snapchat purchases Seene for 3D Selfies

The Ghosts have been saying that Snapchat is the future of digital marketing for some time now, and with this news our sentiments still hold true. According to Techcrunch, Snapchat has quietly acquired Seene, a computer vision startup that lets mobile users make 3D selfies. Seene may just be the future of selfies and digital marketing since being purchased by the fun-start-up turned-juggernaut. While you can read more about the acquisition here, the true story is how Seene will allow users to scan their face and create a 3D rendered selfie. What a time to be alive. 



What are you reading this week in Digital Marketing News? Let us know!