Snapchat Rolls Out Subscription Discover Channels / by Ghost Media

Have you heard the news? Snapchat has officially surpassed Twitter by gaining 150 million unique daily users. If you needed to read that sentence twice, we don't blame you. Twitter was long considered the social media juggernaut, with a staggering 140 million users, but it has become increasingly clear that Snapchat will eclipse it, and fast. 

This is why Snapchat as a whole has been really stepping up their game in the past few months. Most recently, they rolled out with Discover Channels that are now subscription based. What does this mean for your Snapchat experience? Not having to click numerous buttons to see content promoted on the app from publications such as VICE News, Cosmopolitan, and Forbes. 

The Discover Channel redesign will allow Snapchat users to 'subscribe' to these discover channels, and they will appear above your 'recent' Snapchat stories. In addition to this easier access, Snapchat has made it so that users can sneak-peak the content they're about to watch. The hope is to engage more users into clicking on the content by giving them a preview of what they'll be watching. The redesign is clearly motivated by the lack of engagement brands were getting for their costly Discover channels, but the question remains: will it help? Since Snapchat doesn't offer analytics currently to users, it is anyone's guess!

As Snapchat continuously evolves, it is becoming more and more clear that to ignore it in the digital marketing field would be a mistake. As the application evolves, so do the ways that brands and companies can leverage these updates to grow their audience. The Ghosts are on Snapchat, are you?