Social Media Influencers Drive Purchases As Much As Friends/ Relatives / by Ghost Media

 Our friend  @Stacigiroux  shows off the power of influencers for our client,  Rolling Greens . 

Our friend @Stacigiroux shows off the power of influencers for our client, Rolling Greens

At Ghost Media we've known that Influencers are vital to brands since the beginning, but it is always nice to have someone remind us just how powerful influencers are. Twitter just recently shared their findings on social media influencers, and the results may just astound you. According to a survey conducted by the micro-blogging application, 40% of users stated that they were convinced to make a purchase from an influencer tweet. And social media influencers doesn't just mean having Kim Kardashian tweet out your product. In fact, the digital marketing landscape has evolved so much a group of normal people have emerged from the fold and made their livelihood off of supporting brands

If that stat isn't enough to get you thinking about how the scope of Digital Marketing has evolved, allow us to elaborate: 

-When a branded tweet is coupled with an influencer tweet backing the brand, the "intent to purchase" goes up 5.2x. This is juxtaposed between the 2.7x increase in "intent to buy" when people solely see branded tweets. Meaning, that having a social media influencer back your product almost doubles the likelihood your audience will make a purchase. 

-Furthermore, 49% of those surveyed reported that the look to social media influencers for "guidance on purchasing decisions." This is second only to friends and family members who 56% reported they turn to for guidance. 

Finally, it may shock you to know that 1/3 of all 13-24 year olds report following social media influencers or Vine Stars. 

While all this seems like random numbers that don't feel tangible, that is the exact reality of social media. From Twitter's findings we are able to further back-up what we already claimed: social media influencers allow potential buys to transfer to actual purchases by increasing brand trust. If your brand isn't currently working with influencers, we hope these findings will allow you the chance to consider that strategy. Social media influencers are a key component in any successful digital marketing strategy, so get in touch with some today!