People are Deciding Where to Eat Because of Pokemon Go / by Ghost Media

Well, the day has come where we finally had to post a picture of a Pokemon at a client's location....


Here at Ghost Media we're huge fans of crafting digital marketing strategies that are both engaging and fun. Which is why when we learned about Pokemon Go-- we society would shift this piece of technology into being a practical tool. So we waited a week to see how the chips would fall, and fall they did. The creators of the popular app recently had to release a statement to quell the fear of users that the company had access to their entire Google account. A girl who was playing the game came across a dead body and the public barely bat an eyelash. 

One of the most interesting things that has come up from Pokemon Go is that people are beginning to use it as a way to decide where to eat. As a digital marketing agency that specializes in premium restaurants and hospitality, we were immediately intrigued. 

The app Pokemon Go allows users to use "augmented reality" to see their favorite cartoons living in the real world. While this may sound childish to some, it has forced people off of their couches and roaming the streets in search of Pokemon. 

Take a look at some of these social media posts to see how the game is changing user behavior: 

While it may be easy to dismiss Pokemon Go, it is interesting to note how even the most seemingly "childish" technological advances can influence purchasing activity and engagement. At Ghost Media, we're particularly fascinated by the idea that a piece of technology can have rippling effects on other parts of our culture. This is exactly why we love working in Digital Marketing, things are constantly evolving and shifting. This is why we thrive in a digital marketplace that allows us to adopt technologies for our own needs. You may not enjoy Pokemon Go, or even have it downloaded on your phone, but it is already shifting the way we approach making decisions, and that is something that is hard to ignore.