Twitter Makes it Easier to Get Verified / by Ghost Media


Until now, the microblogging application reserved its little blue checkmarks for celebrities, well-known brands, and social media influencers with large followings. The idea was to weed out fake accounts that would speak on behalf of the person they were imitating. Twitter made it almost impossible for the "average joe" to become verified because the company saw it as superfluous. However, Twitter just announced that everyone will be able to apply for a verified account, and everything is about to change. 

Starting Tuesday, July 19th, Twitter announced that anyone will be able to fill out a form and considered to be verified. According to their Help Page post, they will consider anyone who has verified their account with a phone number and email address. Although the specifics behind what qualifies an account to be verified or not remain vague, Twitter has always maintained that they strive to verify accounts that are of "public interest." 

So what does this mean for those of us who work in the sphere of Digital Marketing? Surprisingly, a lot. Since social media influencers are pushing purchasing decisions more than ever, a large amount of fan accounts have been popping up. In addition, many brands have been facing backlash for "parody accounts" popping up and poking jokes at their well thought-out marketing strategies

Twitter allowing more accounts to become verified means more opportunities to ensure you're talking to your right audience on social media. At Ghost Media, we're thrilled about the update, and believe it will help strengthen our client's clout across all social platforms.