Ads Over 10 Seconds Are a Tough Sell- Here is Why / by Ghost Media

If you work in any form of digital marketing, chances are you've spent countless days pulling your hair out wondering why your digital ads aren't making waves. The truth is, since digital advertising is only 20 years old--it is difficult to know what will work and what won't work. Sure, digital marketing agencies like Ghost Media know some of the best practices for how to make your digital real-estate shine, but the reality is that is has yet to become an exact science. 

The reason for this, in addition to digital marketing practices always evolving, is that marketers forget that just because an Ad is able to be seen, it doesn't mean it will be. According to, only 9% of digital ads are being viewed for more than 2 seconds. To put that into perspective, over 91% of digital users are even glancing at a digital ad. 

So how do you remedy this? Thankfully, the solution is simple: and it is finding out how to convert the power of print ads into the digital sphere. According to ‘pressomnibus’ – a lab that tracks how readers view newspaper content – marketers have yet to figure out a way to keep people's attention online. However, they do offer an interesting solution-- living in the sweet spot of digital advertising. 

Pressomnibus suggests making digital ads that are less than 10 seconds long. The reason for this? People only pay attention to things that grab their attention, and even then asking a digital user to stick around for more than 10 seconds is asking a lot more of them than you'd think. 

When approaching digital ads, keep in mind that less is more. The less information you present a potential customer in the most succinct way possible will have you seeing a higher return/ lower bounce-rate. In order to transfer the power of print ads to digital, marketers have to be willing to listen to what their audience wants. Is your company?