Snapchat Memories: Now Nothing Is Temporary / by Ghost Media

If Snapchat wasn't already your go-to camera app, it is about to be. Today the photo-sharing app that allows users to experience their friend's lives through 10 second videos and pictures that eventually disappear rolled out a new feature: Snapchat Memories. 

Even though Snapchat was birthed back in 2014 and provided people with the opportunity to share photos in a temporary and fun way, the app has expanded to feature the ability to call your friends, and plenty of ways to liven up your photos with emojis and filters. 

The memories feature is fascinating because prior to this launch, users were only able to view stories for 24 hours. Now users will be able to publicly share their memories from their honeymoon, or keep them private and look back on the mini-films they've created for years to come. 

So what does this mean for those of us in Digital Marketing? Well, a lot. Snapchat is clearly becoming the future of social media, with new features being rolled out each month it is clear that the company plans on sticking around for a while. With social media influencers and regular-joes able to save and curate their Snapchat Memories so that they can be viewed past their previous expiration date, a whole new world just opened up. 

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