6 Reasons to Pay Attention to National Days in Digital Marketing / by Ghost Media

 Happy World Chocolate Day!

Happy World Chocolate Day!


It seems like every day there is a new National holiday trending. Today is it National Chocolate Day for those with a sweet tooth, and National Mac N Cheese day for those who prefer something a little more savory. While it can be overwhelming at times to keep track of all the National holidays that are occurring, it is important to never neglect to acknowledge them. 

1. They're An Instant Digital Conversation Starter

If you're feeling content-light on any day, you can always count on National Days to give you something to post about and feel on the pulse of what the community is talking about. Even if you're a car company or an obscure doctor's office trying out Twitter for the first time--you're able to post about World Chocolate Day and have it make sense. You're engaging with the world about a topic that may or may not be applicable to your brand, but it's a party everyone is invited to. 

2. They Boost Engagement

National Holidays no matter how banal they seem are an instant opportunity for engagement. If you've been keeping up with Twitter trends (and if you're in digital marketing, why wouldn't you be?) you may have noticed that every National-Something-Day ends up trending on Twitter. All it takes is a sly tweet or Instagram post to watch the engagement come pouring in.

3. Content Opportunities on Content Opportunities

Content creation is the key to successful SEO. If you're not putting out applicable content based on the trends of Internet culture, you're not being found as often as you should be. National Holidays allows brands and companies the opportunity to craft tailor-made content that will perform solidly based off the public's interest. So if you haven't already taken a picture with a piece of chocolate today, you may be missing out on incredible branding opportunities. 

4. It Positions Your Brand When You Engage With Holidays

Not only do National Holidays give you an opportunity to create content that your audience will engage with, it provides your brand with the opportunity to shift the holidays to fit their needs. What we mean by that is being able to blend content creation with your brand's agenda. For example, if Ghost Media were to post about Mac N Cheese we would also have the opportunity to write copy that discusses our love for Mac N Cheese AND digital marketing

5. It Is an Opportunity for a Sounding Board

National Holidays provide brands an opportunity to see what type of content their audience responds best to. If you're a brand still trying to figure out whether Instagram or Twitter is your strongest platform, these days allow you to try out different forms of content and see what performs best. 

6. They're Fun

At it's core, Digital Marketing has always been meant to have a level of fun and excitement behind it. And while we unfortunately live in a time where every tragedy trends before our successes, National Days allows brands to keep it light and fun.