Instagram Rolls Out 'Stories' to Rival Snapchat / by Ghost Media

It seems like everyone is starting to try and play catch up with Snapchat! As of today, Instagram, the photo-sharing app that has over 300 unique daily users is rolling out their version of temporary content. Launching on Android and iOS, the Instagram update is being rolled out in an effort to capture the spontaneity that Snapchat has been calling for users to showcase since it amassed a huge user base in 2013. 

The new feature on the application allows Instagram users to see a separate feed of content, that will last for 24 hours. However, unlike the main feed of photos that will live on indefinitely, there are no heart features and no ability to publicly comment. However, you will be able to respond to users' stories by sending them a direct message. Another interesting aspect is that you don't need to be following someone to see their story, anyone who has an Instagram account is able to view your story. 

It may be too early to tell if Instagram users will adopt this new feature, seeing as Snapchat has grown leaps and bounds since launching and has eclipsed most social media outlets. However, with Instagram recently rolling out analytics, perhaps this is the outlet digital marketing agencies have been waiting for in order to find out how temporary content performs.