Finally! Twitter Launches Video Sharing and Group Direct Messaging Features / by Ghost Media


Facebook and Instagram both had breakout years with video content in 2014, and though Twitter-owned video app Vine held strong, Twitter was noticeably absent from the video frenzy…until now.

Twitter recently announced plans to roll out a new video feature for mobile users, allowing Twitter’s more than 232 millions members the ability to shoot, edit and share 30 second clips all within the app. “We designed our camera to be simple to use so you can capture and share life’s most interesting moments as they happen” Twitter said in a blog post announcing the update, adding “In just a few taps you can add a video to unfolding conversations, share your perspective of a live event, and show your everyday moments instantly, without ever having to leave the app.” iPhone users can also upload videos from their camera roll, and Android users will be able to do the same at a later date.

But Twitter didn’t stop there. The social media company also announced a new Group Direct Message feature which allows users to send private messages to up to 20 people at one time. The new feature is a great addition for the conversational platform, and could potentially increase the time users spend interacting with the product.


Twitter began rolling out the mobile video camera and Group Direct Messaging feature this week and the features will be available to all users in the coming weeks. 

Is it too late for Twitter to jump on the video trend, or are they right on time? Share your thoughts in the comments below!